Beginner’s Guide to Filmmaking

Filmmaking is one of the best medium to convey a message. It can also serve as a medium for people who want to raise awareness about something. It has become a strong means of communication that shows the realty and truths that the mainstream media refuses to show. However, others find it hard to start in filmmaking especially if they don’t have any idea on how or where to start. If you want to know more on how to start in filmmaking, read on and discover the basic steps that you can follow.


Get reference from the internet

Like this one you’re reading right now. There are a lot of tips and guides that you can easily follow. You can also find other filmmakers who are sharing their techniques and ways in making a good film. This will also be part of your research in getting new ideas and other concepts that can help you with working on your next project.

Try to do what others do

This step is for educational and practice purposes only. By recreating others’ works, you will get to see if you’re getting better with your techniques and the technical aspect of filmmaking. It will serve as a review and critic of your work to point out the areas of improvement. Extra tip: don’t have mercy in criticizing your own work.

Simple equipment will dofilmmaking2

Don’t stress yourself if you don’t have high- end equipment for filmmaking. A video camera and outdoor microphone are enough for a simple shoot of a film or project that you can start with. While it’s true that investing in your equipment is important, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t afford it at first.

Planning is imperative

I can’t stress enough how important preparation is. Each part of the project should be planned and well- supervised. You have to be hands- on even though you’re managing a crew. It will also give you a chance to prepare a contingency plan if ever one of things you have prepared goes wrong.

Experiment on different kinds of project

You can try doing a silent movie, a short film, a sample advertisement, a full length movie; it does not matter as long as you continue doing something that can practice you and your skills.

Learn how to use lighting and audio to tell story

Learning how to use the appropriate lighting and sound effects for a certain scene or part of your work can make a big difference. It can intensify the emotions that you want to convey. Imagine a dramatic scene with the actress just crying her eyes out; it can make you feel something but having the right lighting and scoring can make you cry too.

filmmaking3Be positive and patient

It takes time before you can actually master all the techniques and the methods in producing a good film. It takes time to finally establish yourself on what kind of filmmaker you want to be. Just never lose hope and keep on making film after another film and another and another.